In Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission (U.S. 2010), Gibson Dunn obtained a groundbreaking marketing campaign finance victory that established the first Amendment rights of companies to have interaction in political speech. In three cases named The Nasdaq Stock Market, LLC v. SEC (D.C. Cir. 2020), we secured rulings vacating the SEC’s Transaction Fee Pilot program and holding that Section 19 of the Securities Exchange Act does not authorize the SEC to review generally applicable charge rules filed by exchanges. In November 2018, Ted Olson and Ted Boutrous were awarded Litigators of the Week for his or her profitable problem to the White House’s revocation of the press cross of CNN’s Jim Acosta. Ted Boutrous was recognized again in September 2019 for the same victory involving Playboy White House reporter Brian Karem. In addition, Kyle Hawkins served as Solicitor General for the State of Texas from 2018 to 2021, and quite a few other partners have held high-ranking government positions, including Helgi Walker, Elizabeth Papez, and Tom Dupree.

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