Represented a pharmaceutical company in a major reorganization that concerned two plant closures and 9 reductions in pressure. Provided recommendation and ready documentation relating to plant closures, federal and state WARN Act issues, reduction-in-force points, severance payments, benefits continuation, releases of claims, and compliance with wage and hour legal guidelines in 50 states. Worked carefully with the shopper’s authorized, human assets, and payroll departments and its outside insurance and outplacement service suppliers to ensure the orderly dealing with of greater than 600 worker separations and/or relocations.

Senior Company Counsel, Eu Litigation

Let our team at OGC™ Solutions give you the best and most trusted Outside General Counsel™in the tri-state! Have experience of both contentious and non-contentious insolvency issues, both corporate and personal. The division is the primary port of call for the meeting and greeting of clients and internal customers.

Company Paralegal Training

Because there are so much of litigators out there, a lot of competitors for jobs is at all times the case. In my profession as a legal recruiter, I even have seen regulation companies go to extraordinary lengths to draw and rent patent and company attorneys as a end result of they are needed so badly and even provided large signing bonuses to the recruiters who introduced them these type of candidates. I have never seen a law firm so hungry for a litigation legal professional it offered the recruiter such incentives.

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