We achieved a remarkable across-the-board victory for the Federal Housing Finance Agency, as Conservator for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, in the Second Circuit, which affirmed our $800+ million trial win towards Nomura and RBS. In an exhaustive, 147-page opinion, the courtroom found “no advantage in any of Defendants’ arguments.” Because FHFA had settled related instances, the choice vindicated our years-long litigation strategy as precedent, helping set essential requirements for securities markets. We represented Ortho-McNeil, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, in a unanimous Seventh Circuit victory that made new legislation narrowing “manifest disregard of the law” as a ground for district court vacatur of arbitral awards and reversed a partial vacatur of an award that had favored Ortho in a patent dispute. We represented Wellquest International, Inc. in an enchantment from an order denying a movement to compel arbitration. The arbitration provision at problem covered solely claims “arising out of or related to” plaintiff’s contractual proper to an audit for unpaid royalties, and because plaintiff had by no means initiated an audit, the trial court denied arbitration for claims for unpaid royalties. We persuaded the California Court of Appeal to reverse, holding that the claims were nonetheless “related to” the audit clause and had to be arbitrated.

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